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Complete database of ALL servers maps!!! You've only to ask!!!

                                                " THE POWER Of THE KNOWLEDGE "

I guess you're exhausted of seeing all your grasslends and oli fields being taken by the same player/ally! And what about cities? Millions of resources stolen. What are you thinking to do? Playing in defense-mode is not the solution.

I offer a complete map of all servers of Global Warfare,  Kingdoms of Camelot and Glory of Rome maps too. An excell or acces file with: Search mode by city name, general or ally. All the 640000 (the map is 800*800) coordinates included cities, grassland, oil field ecc. Refresching of database 2-3 days! You'll destroy all your enemy because knoledge is POWER. Send a mail to  for all the information!

Doubt about it? send me a mail whit a general name and server and i'll give ONCE all is coord.

Attenction:We decided that single file download is not more askable(2$ for a single file) because of too many request hard to answer fast!

(In addiction we found on the net our file)

                                                         HOW DOES IT WORK?

We offer a monthly subscription of 15$ (20$ for two servers map) which consist in: we give you a user name and a password and with a simple login you'll have access to the map you subscribed for. Automatically refreshed every   2-3 days  without the noise of waiting(for you user) the sending of file on your pc.

Don't waste money and time in game cash because special items cost a lot and can be used only once! With  3,75$ weekly you'll have much more!


                                                                   HOW TO ASK for TEST
You only have to send a mail to:

                                    Email form:

Your Name(real):


Email where send map :

Name of General you want to test :

N.B. Servers mean the word where you play. (Example: Ceasar 17)


                                                              HOW TO PAY ?


After prof (otherwise without it if you trust us or you tried service first) if you are satisfied ask us how to pay and we'll send you the account where pay for subscription!

Payment are possible ONLY via paypal!

Per informazioni non esistate a contattarmi. Valgono le stese cose scritte in inglese ma al prezzo di 15€ !